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San Antonio Area Mothers of Mulitples (SAAMOM)
A non-profit organization, established in 1968, that strives to unite all parents or guardians of multiple birth children in the San Antonio area. Our purpose is to provide a support system through meetings, socials and play-groups where information and experiences on the care of raising twins, triplets and more can be shared.

Upcoming events

25 May 2016 6:45 PM (CDT) • Toyota Field
09 Jun 2016 (CDT) • Laurel Heights United Methodist Church
09 Jun 2016 6:15 PM (CDT) • 227 W Woodlawn Ave @ Laurel Heights Methodist Church
26 Jun 2016 12:00 PM (CDT) • Altitude Trampoline Park


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Featured article in the 
San Antonio Express News
Written by our very own member
Michelle Jaffee

225 Members
10 Honorary Members (10+ years)

192 sets of twins

  14 sets of triplets

  21 expecting MoMs

SAAMOM recognizes a partnership of support with 
Multiples of America.
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